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Divine Movements Dance Ministry

Psalm 149:3
Let them praise His name with the dance;
Let them sing praises to Him with the timbrel and harp.

Purpose Statement

Divine Movements Dance Ministry is designed to educate and train dancers from a biblical and technical perspective. We emphasize the importance of reverencing God not only in ministry moments, but through our everyday lives by praying, fasting, and consecrating ourselves before the Lord. In the worship service, we kneel, clap, sing, dance, and minister with flags, banners, streamers, and pageantry. It is our prayer that each member of Divine Movements will be guided by the Holy Spirit and will grow in their relationship with Christ.

Scriptural Foundations

We are introduced to dance in the Old Testament book of Exodus when Miriam, Moses and Aaron’s sister, led the Israelite women in dance following the miracle at the Red Sea. This dance was an act of worship and celebration. In 2 Samuel 6:16, we see dance as an expression of worship when David dances and leaps before the Lord, and in the Psalms, dance is mentioned a number of times as a means by which we can offer praise and worship unto God. (Psalms 30:11; Psalms 149:2; Psalms 150:4).

Mission Statement

The Divine Movements Ministry of New Beginnings Christian Church is committed to deepening and enhancing the worship experience by offering our bodies as instruments to the Lord for use through dance and movement to minister God’s Word and magnify His Name. We glorify His name and bring worship to life through our dance, lifestyles, and service unto God.

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