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“I am made all things to all men, that I might by all means save some”
I Corinthians 9:22

The Importance of Christian Drama as a Ministry

Drama is a very powerful ministry tool. It can be used to impact the church and the world for Christ


The Bible is full of drama! Some examples from the Old Testament can be seen in the Songs of Solomon, Ezekiel and Hosea. In Songs of Solomon God adopts the art of poetry in His communication. There is a dramatic dialogue between the characters with responsive chorus. It is written in scenes like in a drama and is full of imagery and metaphors. The reader’s heart is warmed and impacted by its message of love. In Ezekiel, drama is used as a tool to communicate God’s message. God is the writer and the casting director. He instructed Ezekiel to build a set. The scene told a story that captivated the audience, making it possible for Ezekiel to deliver a powerful message from God. This can be said to be the birth of drama ministry! This scene in Ezekiel brings to mind a quote by shakespare “All the word’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players…”

drama in the bible cont'd.....

Another dramatic story is found in Hosea. God casted Prophet Hosea as an actor in this intimate story, which God used to illustrate his redeeming love.  In the New Testament, we see the example of Jesus. He adopted the method of story telling in communicating with his audience. Mathew 13:34 “Jesus always used stories and illustrations like these when speaking to the crowds. In fact he never spoke to them without using such parables.” I cannot imagine Jesus telling a boring story. He would have livened up his stories with different gestures, facial expressions, voice tones. He may even have asked someone in the audience to act as a character in his illustrations as he did with child in Luke 9:46-48 “… so he brought a child to his side. Then he said to them, anyone who welcomes a little child like this on my side…” This is drama!

Who We Are

The Drama Ministry is for the Glory of God. It supports the worship services and gatherings through dramatic interpretations, exalts the name of Jesus Christ, and creates an atmosphere for the Holy Spirit to communicate the principle and truths of God’s Word.  By helping people identify visually with the theme of the service, or by helping proclaim God’s greatness, the Drama Ministry provides an effective means of communication.

Mission and Vision

The purpose of this ministry is to spread the gospel through drama and writing.  Our Mission is to proclaim God-inspired truth through the medium of dramatic arts: declaring, illustrating, and clarifying biblical truth, giving all the glory to Jesus Christ.
 Our Vision is to minister to the young and old, the saved and unsaved, through skits and dramatization and edify and minister through scripture as a learning tool, and to be receptive to God’s guidance. Our intent is to provide life skills, character, and spiritual development by providing programs.

Our Goals

To Provide visual demonstration using acting as a discipleship tool to enhance other ministries in our local body of believers.  
To minister God’s grace, truth, and power in the various forms of drama: skits, stage plays, and snippets, in order to be used as agents to bring salvation, freedom, and deliverance to others.
To work within a team to learn unity in Christ by encouraging, supporting, and building up our teammates.
To build a team that demonstrates the unity that God desires for the body, and fulfills the command to love one another.  
To inspire the church through visual means and seek out the many facets of God’s nature.
For God to use us to touch hearts through a creative expression of who He is.
To use the gifts God has given us to worship him in Spirit and in Truth.

Ministry in action ...

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